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I am delighted to announce the Energy Panel have produced another report this month, authored by Jeff Douglas, this 12 page report examines the available renewable energy sources in the UK. Written for those looking for a high-level view of the UK’s transition to a net zero energy system, we look at future energy needs, options for delivering a net zero system, energy independence and more.

The UK has significant renewable energy development opportunities, yet even for the most modest demands considered, the new sustainable resources required for heat, transport and industry are significant multiples of current capacity. Critically, today’s system choices and decisions could substantially increase those multiples. Almost all our existing sustainable power plants are scheduled to retire before 2050, and the renewable assets we are using today will need re-powering before then.

Technology already brings great benefits to society, and innovation will continue and thrive in this vital area. New consumer products and controls, smarter system management techniques and advances in system diagnostics and incident recovery will play a large part in a world where the services delivered by electricity are more vital to society than ever.

Download our report to learn about the primary energy resources we have, our future energy user requirements, a comparison of today’s sustainable resource with the energy we need, as well as recommendations to help ensure that renewable resources are treated as finite and precious.

UK renewables – limitless energy or a precious resource? (theiet.org)

  • we shall open a new discussion in unique micro grid combines solar PV ,mini wind milll,battery storage and a flywheel 9cobined production and storage )