IET-USM OC has carried out the Faraday Challenge on the 20th of October 2018. Our theme for this year was – Coding the Future. The purpose of this event is to instil interest of STEM related fields among high school students in addition to their daily learning in schools.

The event was endorsed by the Education Department of Penang State and had managed to attract 52 students, separated into 9 groups, from all over Penang. 

The event was kicked off with welcoming remarks by Mr. Cheng Wei Han, President of IET-USM OC. In our version of Faraday Challenge, each team was given a BBC micro:bit to code for any real-time applications. In addition, we also provided every team with an equal number of virtual coins (Faraday Points) which could be used to exchange additional equipment or devices to develop their prototype. 

Hence, the participants had to be resourceful and strategize their “trade” to complete the challenge. This scenario mimicking a real-life engineering problem where the optimization of the trade-off between the cost and technicality superiority is very common. 

Robert Heaton