It’s now been two years since we launched our online community, IET EngX, and much like last year, it’s been yet another busy year!

We’ve welcomed over 3500 new members and you’ve shared over 10,000 items of content with the community in 2023 with over 4 million views from over 190 countries across the globe. Isn’t that amazing? Heart eyes

Our community thrives on the enthusiasm, knowledge sharing, and support of each of you so lets take this opportunity to celebrate those individuals who have made our online community a vibrant hub of engaging discussions and insightful content with our Community Value Awards 2023!

Most Engaged Newcomer

Hats off to Sergio Fernandez our rising star who has embraced our community with enthusiasm and dedication! Your eagerness to participate, learn, and contribute has made a remarkable impression. We're thrilled to have you as an integral part of our community. Blush

Author of our most read blog post

A round of applause goes to   for crafting the blog post How would you guide the younger generation into a career in clean energy?  capturing the attention and interest of our readers and earning the distinction of being the most read post on IET EngX in 2023. Your ability to resonate with our audience and deliver content that resonates is a testament to your passion and expertise. Your contribution not only enhances our platform but also enriches the experiences of everyone who engages with your work. Erusa also participated in our first Ask the Expert event in November where she answered questions and shared her thoughts on how organizations tackle Net Zero. Thank you again Erusa! Slight smile

Author of the most replied to Discussion Topic

Congratulations to sparkiemike for your post on Tackling AFDD Tripping that has kept our Wiring and the Regulations forum buzzing with energy! Your topic has ignited curiosity, encouraged learning, and strengthened the bonds within our community. Clap

Most helpful community members

A huge thank you to ,  ,  AJJewsbury, Chris Pearson  and   for their helpful answers across our various forums this year. Your contributions and willingness to assist others have made a profound impact and your guidance and support has been the cornerstone of many members' experiences in our community. Hugging

Community Member of the Year (Admins Choice)

The Admins choice for Community member of the year goes to…. ! Much like Sergio your participation in our community during 2023 has been extensive and we’d also like to express our thanks for your input in our EngX Focus group too helping us to improve the community.  Star2

To all our winners, your contributions exemplify the spirit of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community engagement that we deeply value. You've not only set a high standard for content creation and discussion but have also inspired others to actively participate and contribute. The team and I want  to extend our heartfelt thanks for your commitment and passion in making our community a thriving space for learning, sharing, and connecting.

We encourage everyone to continue sharing their thoughts, experiences, and expertise, as it’s this collective effort that makes our community truly special. Hugging

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2024 to all our members across the world!

  • Awww thanks Lisa, and congratulations to all mentioned and thanks to everyone for contributing! 

  • Congratulations to all winners and all that have participated in this forum.  It is a great place to discuss or debate ideas with like minded people, some of which are the people writing or influence the regulation that we all adhere to. 

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