• Exploring the future of energy: Key highlights from our Energy Storage Week

    Exploring the future of energy: Key highlights from our Energy Storage Week

    As our world transitions toward cleaner energy sources, the need for effective energy storage becomes increasingly critical. While batteries have been the go-to solution, there are other innovative methods worth exploring. Energy storage isn’t just about storing excess electricity; it’s a linchpin for our sustainable future. Whether it’s harnessing solar energy during the day or ensuring a stable grid during peak demand, energy storage solutions play a vital role. Lets recap on this week’s activities for Energy Storage Week: Insights from the Community Challenges, compromise and creativity in energy storage described some of the innovative ideas engineers are currently exploring and we read about the work of Professor Yulong Ding in Leading the charge into the future…the man finding…

  • Unlocking the Future: A Week-Long Dive into Energy Storage

    Unlocking the Future: A Week-Long Dive into Energy Storage

    Energy storage is the linchpin that holds the promise of a reliable, renewable energy future. It enables us to harness energy from intermittent sources like solar and wind, ensuring a steady and dependable power supply even when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing. From grid-scale batteries and pumped hydro storage to cutting-edge technologies like flow batteries and thermal storage, the innovations in this field are transforming the way we generate, store, and consume energy. As the world shifts towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind, which are inherently intermittent, the ability to store energy efficiently and economically becomes crucial. From improving grid reliability to enabling electric vehicles and powering remote areas, energy storage technologies are integral…

  • Reflecting on a week of Designing for Disability

    Reflecting on a week of Designing for Disability

    Over the past week, we have embarked on a thought provoking journey into the realms of designing for disability. With 16% of the world's population experiencing significant disability, inclusive thinking and design is more important than ever. Insights from the community In our Community Insights blog, we were asked What do we think about when we think about disability? and whether a reluctance to find solutions is borne from a culture of stereotypical views. Barriers are meant to be broken listed the barriers experienced by those with a disability and Digital accessibility: what is it and why does it matter? gave us an insight into what we at the IET are doing to support users of our digital platforms. And there’s still time to share your thoughts in our discussion What best practice…

  • Designing for Disability: Empowering Inclusion Through Engineering

    Designing for Disability: Empowering Inclusion Through Engineering

    In today’s world, engineers play a pivotal role in creating technologies that cater to diverse user needs. Designing for disability is an essential aspect of this work, ensuring that everyone can access and benefit from technological advancements. As engineers, we have the power to transform lives and create a world where everyone has equal opportunities. Designing for disability is not just about compliance; it’s about fostering empathy, understanding, and innovation. With an estimated one billion people worldwide living with disabilities, the challenge is immense, but the opportunity is even greater. When engineers design with disability in mind, everyone benefits. From assistive devices to accessible interfaces, our collective efforts can bridge gaps and empower individuals of all abilities…

  • Wrapping up a week of AI Insights!

    Wrapping up a week of AI Insights!

    As the digital landscape evolves, so does our fascination with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Over the past week, we’ve delved into the heart of this transformative field, exploring its impact on our lives, the challenges it poses, and the potential it holds for the future. Let’s recap the highlights from our week of AI coverage: Insights from the Community We had a fantastic selection of thought-provoking blog posts in Community Insights starting with Trusting machines, not as easy as we think? telling us that AI is everywhere and we interact with it more often than we realise! In Big dreams, big data and some minor technical issues… we learnt that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are not the same, but they are entwined and vital to each other. Kirsten McCormick shared an insight…

  • Unveiling the Future: A week dedicated to Artificial Intelligence

    Unveiling the Future: A week dedicated to Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly transformed from a concept of science fiction to an integral part of our daily lives, reshaping industries, powering innovations, and redefining the boundaries of what machines can achieve. As we stand on the edge of an AI-driven era, understanding its implications, capabilities, and potential is more crucial than ever. This week on EngX, we’ll be delving into the fascinating realms of AI Whether you're an AI enthusiast eager to deepen your knowledge, a curious mind seeking to grasp the fundamentals, or a professional aiming to stay ahead of the curve, AI week promises something for everyone. From insightful blog posts and thought-provoking discussions , we have lined up an array of online content designed to educate, inspire, and spark meaningful…

  • It’s Careers week on IET EngX!

    It’s Careers week on IET EngX!

    Engineering is a diverse field that encompasses a wide range of specialties, each contributing to innovation and problem-solving in its own unique way. But what does it take to be an engineer? What do you need to do to stay on top of your game? Should you look to become a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer? Or an Engineering Technician? Where do you start? What support is available? This week on EngX it’s all about Careers . In our Community Insights blog , Colleagues at the IET will be sharing information about Continuing Professional Development, the training courses available to help you work towards Professional Registration and how the IET can support neurodiverse, hearing and visually impaired applicants. We'll also hear from three inspiring engineers in our new blog series '…

  • It's Green Skills Week on EngX!

    It's Green Skills Week on EngX!

    Back in December 2023 the IET announced the results of the International Skills Survey. Over 2,000 engineering employers in ten countries around the world were asked for their thoughts on their readiness to cope with climate change and net zero. Over the course of this week, we’ll be looking at some of the points raised in the results of the survey through a series of blog posts in our Community Insights blog and a number of discussions in our forum. How confident are you that the engineering workforce have the skills needed to be resilient to Climate Change. What skills do you think are needed? And what support should be given to industry and academia to plug the skills gap? Share your thoughts and comments on the blog posts and get involved in the discussions. And on Wednesday …

    Lisa Miles
  • Community Value Awards 2023

    Community Value Awards 2023

    It’s now been two years since we launched our online community, IET EngX, and much like last year, it’s been yet another busy year! We’ve welcomed over 3500 new members and you’ve shared over 10,000 items of content with the community in 2023 with over 4 million views from over 190 countries across the globe. Isn’t that amazing? Our community thrives on the enthusiasm, knowledge sharing, and support of each of you so lets take this opportunity to celebrate those individuals who have made our online community a vibrant hub of engaging discussions and insightful content with our Community Value Awards 2023! Most Engaged Newcomer Hats off to Sergio Fernandez our rising star who has embraced our community with enthusiasm and dedication! Your eagerness to participate, learn, and contribute…

  • EngX Update - Ask the Expert and updates to the forum

    EngX Update - Ask the Expert and updates to the forum

    Happy Monday EngX Community! Today we’re launching a new type of discussion event on EngX - Ask the Expert. Ask the Expert is an event that takes place in our Ask the Expert forum over the course of a couple of weeks where you’ll be able to ask questions to an expert Engineer on a chosen subject. This month’s topic launching today (Monday 13 th November) is Net Zero with Erusa Adizie a Net Zero Manager working for Tarmac. Erusa will be answering your questions on how organisations such as Tarmac reach their Net Zero targets. If you have a question you’d like to pose to Erusa, pop over to Ask the Expert and post your question there. Taking it off-Topic We’ve had feedback from a number of EngX community members that you’ve been missing a place to have general ‘off topic’ discussions…

    Lisa Miles
  • Handy tips for sharing and adding extra content to your posts

    Handy tips for sharing and adding extra content to your posts

    Did you know that you can add and share extra content into your forum and blog posts in EngX? You can include polls, embed YouTube videos, Facebook posts and even files from Google docs too! Vote in our Poll! Including a poll in your question or discussion is a fun and easy way of surveying the EngX community’s opinion about a topic. Select insert from the editing options when writing your post and then poll . A new window will pop up for you to add your question, a short description (which is optional) and then the options you’d like the community to vote on. If you need more options than the three that are visible just select ‘add option’ to add more! Don’t forget to switch over to the configuration tab in the window to enter an expiration date for your poll and choose the display…

    Lisa Miles
  • Thanks for all the feedback!

    Thanks for all the feedback!

    Moving to a new software service is never easy. I’m sure you, like me have been frustrated when your favourite app or piece of software is updated, then you have to relearn everything all over again because nothing is in the same place and the way you did X to get Y is now completely different (umm… Windows 11…. #justsaying) Online communities are no exception. Those of you who have been a member of our online community at the IET for some time will have been through a number of different iterations over the years. First the Fusetalk forum then MyCommunity followed by Engineering Communities and now we have IET EngX. Of course with every changing of the platform software comes a variety of feedback both positive and not so positive. Picking through that feedback to find the things that…

    Lisa Miles
  • Happy Birthday IET EngX

    Happy Birthday IET EngX

    EngX was launched in December 2021, the result of an IET staff and member collaboration to make it easy for engineers and technicians to connect with and support one another, and to access useful engineering information from trusted sources. It’s been such a busy year and I’m delighted to see that so many community members have enjoyed using the site. Thank you all for your support, enthusiasm, and feedback! In 2022 content on EngX had over 3 million views, and over 3000 new community members joined. We’ve also hosted over 15,000 discussion posts and replies and over 300 blog posts and comments. I’m always interested in seeing what’s popular in the community, and I was not surprised to see that the most discussed topic this year, Severe Tinnitus Following the Installation of New Electricity…

  • Introducing the new Career Development discussion forum

    Introducing the new Career Development discussion forum

    For the last few months, we’ve been busy in the background getting feedback from you, our wonderful community members . We’ve heard you’ve been missing a place to ask questions about career progression, tips for getting started in the engineering world and getting advice about Professional Registration etc. To highlight these sorts of questions, we’ve introduced a new forum – Career Development Discussions . You can access it from the main ‘Explore’ menu as well as from the forum landing page . It's been set up to enable you to mark answers as helpful and we’ll shortly be introducing a new feature for EngX enabling you to ask questions or start discussions of a sensitive nature on the forum anonymously. Have a look at our 'careers’ topic area to find all community related content. To follow…

    Elizabeth Morgan
  • EngX News Update!

    EngX News Update!

    Hello EngX Community! You may have noticed that EngX was offline yesterday (1st November) while we performed some essential maintenance and an update. Most of the latest update contains bug fixes and enhancements to some of the admin features but there are one or two minor changes you’ll see around the community. Embedding content from your social networks It's now easier to embed content from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and some of the general Google apps into your posts in our forum as well as into any blog posts you publish, if you’re one of our bloggers of course! From the Insert menu in the toolbar, select External Content, then the source of your choice. Then paste in the embed code you find from the source of that content and select OK. Coming soon! Sometimes…

    Lisa Miles
  • Would you use an IET EngX app?

    Would you use an IET EngX app?

    We'd love to get thoughts and feedback from EngX community members on whether you would be likely to make use of an IET EngX app for mobile devices and, if so, which features are most useful to you. Your answers will help us to decide whether we should prioritise building an app in our development plan for the IET EngX community. Please add your answers in the polls below. (Log in is required) If you answered 'Yes' or 'Maybe' to the last question, please continue below. If you answered 'No', thank you for your response; you can add any comments or questions in the comments below. If you have any additional comments or questions, please add them in the comments below.

    Lisa Miles
  • Finding helpful answers in IET EngX

    Finding helpful answers in IET EngX

    Hello EngX Community Nowadays many people will look and search online to find answers to their questions but finding answers that are helpful amongst all the noise can be time consuming and confusing. You may have already spotted that we’ve made a few changes in the terminology for Q&A style posts in EngX to help make it easier for everyone to find helpful answers in the forum. So, if you’ve asked a question, you can help the community by highlighting the most helpful answers, and thank the engineers who provided them, by marking their replies as being helpful. As the author of a question, you can choose any reply as a ‘helpful answer’. Beneath a reply you’ll find ‘Mark as helpful answer’. Select this and it will highlight the reply by surrounding it in green, making it easy for the…

    Lisa Miles
  • EngX Updates! - New 'my interest' filters and an email digest from the Wiring Regs forum

    EngX Updates! - New 'my interest' filters and an email digest from the Wiring Regs forum

    One of the benefits of signing up for an account on EngX is that you’re able to personalise the content you see here and filter out content you’re not so interested in. However, feedback from the community has told us that you’re finding some areas of personalisation across EngX a little confusing, so we’ve taken some steps to address that. When you log into your account on EngX, the homepage is personalised to show you activity and content within the community aligned to the technical interests you chose when registering your account. We also personalise the list of posts in Engineering Discussions as well as the events listings to display just those relevant to your interests. The feedback we’ve received is that it’s confusing and some of you feel you’re missing out on seeing content…

    Lisa Miles
  • Welcome to EngX News!

    Welcome to EngX News!

    Welcome to our new blog, EngX News. Your go-to place for updates, announcements, news and tips on how to get the most out of the EngX community. Getting to know you. Have you completed your profile? Make sure you’ve added your technical interests to your profile so you can benefit from a personalised content feed on your homepage. Your personalised content feed will show you all articles, discussions, blogs and events all based upon your selected interests. Nice to meet you. Meet and connect with other community members! Be sure you can be found by other community members in our ‘meet and connect’ directory by enabling ‘Include in people search’ in your account settings How do I…? If you have a question about using IET EngX then add it to our EngX Q&A forum It’s been almost six…

    Lisa Miles