Hello EngX Community!

You may have noticed that EngX was offline yesterday (1st November) while we performed some essential maintenance and an update.

Most of the latest update contains bug fixes and enhancements to some of the admin features but there are one or two minor changes you’ll see around the community.

Embedding content from your social networks

It's now easier to embed content from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and some of the general Google apps into your posts in our forum as well as into any blog posts you publish, if you’re one of our bloggers of course! Slight smile

From the Insert menu in the toolbar, select External Content, then the source of your choice. Then paste in the embed code you find from the source of that content and select OK. 

Image showing how to embed content into a post

Coming soon!

Sometimes we all want to ask a question of a sensitive nature or ask for advice but are reluctant to post it in a public forum for all the world to see.

We’ll soon be introducing a new feature for EngX enabling you to ask questions or start discussions of a sensitive nature on the forum anonymously; giving you the anonymity you want to find the advice you need. Look out for more details in a future EngX News post!

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