One of the benefits of signing up for an account on EngX is that you’re able to personalise the content you see here and filter out content you’re not so interested in. However, feedback from the community has told us that you’re finding some areas of personalisation across EngX a little confusing, so we’ve taken some steps to address that.

When you log into your account on EngX, the homepage is personalised to show you activity and content within the community aligned to the technical interests you chose when registering your account. We also personalise the list of posts in Engineering Discussions as well as the events listings to display just those relevant to your interests.

The feedback we’ve received is that it’s confusing and some of you feel you’re missing out on seeing content on other topics that you may not have chosen.

So from today, instead of seeing your personalised view of the discussions and the events listings, we’ve adjusted the filtering options so you’ll now see ALL discussions and events instead of only those that are aligned with your technical interests.

To see content that is only relevant to your technical interests you can now use the new ‘my interests’ checkbox. Using this will filter the list of discussions or events and show you only those related to your interests.

Need to amend your interest topics? Head over to your profile and select ‘edit’. There you’ll find the list of all available technical interests for you to follow. Don’t forget to indicate which of those topics you’re a specialist in so we can highlight on your homepage questions from the forum that you can help to answer!

Tip: Be selective with your interest topics so that you can narrow down the content you read. If you want to see and read everything you don’t have to tick every interest.

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