As our world transitions toward cleaner energy sources, the need for effective energy storage becomes increasingly critical. While batteries have been the go-to solution, there are other innovative methods worth exploring.

Energy storage isn’t just about storing excess electricity; it’s a linchpin for our sustainable future. Whether it’s harnessing solar energy during the day or ensuring a stable grid during peak demand, energy storage solutions play a vital role.

Lets recap on this week’s activities for Energy Storage Week:

Insights from the Community

Challenges, compromise and creativity in energy storage described some of the innovative ideas engineers are currently exploring and we read about the work of Professor Yulong Ding in Leading the charge into the future…the man finding new ways to store energy.  Artificial Intelligence and the art of discovery covered how AI has been used to discover a new material that could significantly reduce lithium usage in batteries and in our Ask the Expert session, Griff Thomas answered your questions on all things Energy Storage.

Further reading and resources.

Events and webinars

IET code of practice for Electrical Energy Storage - Webinar

Tuesday 21 May saw the launch of the IET Code of Practice for Electrical Energy Storage. If you were unable to register or missed the event, you can now watch the webinar on demand via and purchase a copy of the Code of Practice from the IET Bookshop (also available as an E-book)

More events

1 October: Battery Charging – An introduction to some of the most promising next generation batteries such as sodium-ion, lithium-sulfur, solid-state, and redox flow batteries - The Hawth Theatre,  Sussex, UK

3-6 December – Energy Storage (Part of Powering Net Zero Week) - Back for its second year, our Energy Storage conference offers a platform for practitioners and researchers to meet and discuss the latest innovations in the field. - Birmingham, UK

IET Library reading list

Download the IET Library reading list for Batteries and Charging to find Ebooks and Ejournals covering a variety of topics such as ‘Industrial Applications of Batteries – from cars to aerospace and energy storage’ and ‘Battery Management Algorithm for Electric Vehicles’. If you’re an IET member, you can access the titles in the IET Virtual Library via the title links in the document. Login to the IET Virtual Library is required. 

There is also a variety of books on the topic of Energy Storage available to purchase in the IET Bookshop. Don't forget to use your IET member discount! 

Coming up

Our next Topic Focus Week on EngX is 'Systems Engineering in Transport' on 8 July followed by 'Broadcasting and Media' in early September. If you’re working on a project or have expertise on either of those topics and would like to contribute to the Community Insights blog, get in touch with the IET Editorial team via

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