Hello EngX Community

Nowadays many people will look and search online to find answers to their questions but finding answers that are helpful amongst all the noise can be time consuming and confusing.

You may have already spotted that we’ve made a few changes in the terminology for Q&A style posts in EngX to help make it easier for everyone to find helpful answers in the forum.

So, if you’ve asked a question, you can help the community by highlighting the most helpful answers, and thank the engineers who provided them, by marking their replies as being helpful.

As the author of a question, you can choose any reply as a ‘helpful answer’. Beneath a reply you’ll find ‘Mark as helpful answer’. Select this and it will highlight the reply by surrounding it in green, making it easy for the community to pick it out amongst the rest of the replies.

If you’ve answered a question and think your reply could be helpful, select ‘suggest as helpful answer’ along the bottom of the reply box when you type your reply. This will also alert the author and suggest your answer to them as a helpful one. 

We’ve also removed the ‘top voted answers’ section that sat between the question and the list of answers. Feedback from community members indicated that they were finding it confusing. You can still view the top voted answers by using the tabs under the original post  as well as sort the list by oldest or newest replies.  You can also find a list of helpful answers in the helpful answers tab too.

If you have any feedback on this feature please feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message

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