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Engineering Technician (EngTech) for Electricians


I'm thinking about going for the Engineering Technician (EngTech) for Electricians. Have anybody gone for it before if so, wot is the process to gain it.

 I used to do domestic installation before moving over to panel building , now i do electrical design and plc programming for the railways.

any help would be great 

  • Basically it's quite easy, 

    First join the IET as a Technician Member (TMIET)

    Then fill in the application form for EngTech, which is just listing your training and qualifications, and saying what you've done at work. The easiest way is on the IET's CareerManger part of the website, which you can get onto when you are a member. Send it in and that's it.

    BUT there's the clever bit, which is the "saying what you've done at work", when you write this you have to show that you understand what you're doing, that you do it safely and thinking about what your employer wants (including making money!), and generally working professionally. When you get to writing this it's best to talk to an IET Professional Registration Advisor (it won't cost you anything) who can talk to you about what you do and can help you get your words right. 

    To be honest, if your employer trusts you to do electrical design and plc programming for the railways you should have no problems.