IEng & CEng Career Manager application Length & CPD Records

Hi Community, 

My question is about IEng & CEng applications in Career Manager and CPD records spanning several pages. I understand from my PRA training and previous posts on here that the downloaded PDF should not exceed 12 pages and having reviewed many applications this limit is very welcome. One of my Applicants though has got a significant granular CPD record, that runs to more than 6 pages, and is pushing the page count out to 18 pages.

If they need to reduce page count to 12 or less pages what can tell them to do to reduce the CPD records that are porting across from the CPD section in Career Manager?

Not come across such a detailed CPD record with an applicant before and wondered if others had this issue.

help and guidance will be gratefully received.


  • Hi Simon (and future registrants reading this post)

    There is a simple tick box as part of the application that means they can remove training records from their application, but keep these for CPD records.  I usually advise candidates to only keep a few that are relevant as further learning and instead address CPD as a more general statement of CPD in their employment history along with other competences, as the training only allows a list of courses and not more details about how they record it, how they reflect it and the requirements which are in E4 which are broader.

    Hope that helps,

    Kathryn Bain (Competence Development Manager)

  • Thanks Kathryn, I'll check out the tick box and let applicants know if they are having similar issues with volumes of CPD records clogging up application space

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