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Thought it good to share a recent experience with other Local Network members.  I was invited to talk on my career to 200 year 5,6&7 pupils at a Kilmarnock school over two days as part of their STEM week activities.  Undaunted, I obtained literature from the IET, which comprosed targeted careers information, information for parents and a number of posters to augment the theme of futures in engineering and technology.  Each presentation was followed with the building of the IET torches, which the pupils were invited to take home and discuss the parts and building experience with their families.  Feedback has been good and will probably lead to further engagement.  Some of the pupils offered the observation that their time spent with me was the best part of their STEM week.  That was more than enough reward for me.  Hope that this helps others consider presenting in schools to the younger pupils to help open their minds to engineering and technology futures.
  • Hi Ken, that all sounds like a great event to be involved with.  Being local, I am glad to see STEM activity taking place in the Kilmarnock area.  Keep up the good work, and hopefully this is still happening when my children are in secondary school.
  • This week sees another set of talk events.  This time related to the Primary Engineer Leaders Award programme.  I was invited to talk to P1, P2, P3 and P7 as part of the program in order that the pupils may gain an insight into engineering from my perspective, career, choices and experiences.  There followed a questions session and discussion on inventions.  Each presentation was arranged and targeted towards each age group, lingering on different aspects for the different age groups.  P1 was completely non technical, but still kept audience attention and participation.  I believe another worth while experience for the pupils and again personally extending and rewarding experience.  Started training local primary school in readiness for the K'NEX challenge season.  This will continue now until June hopefully if the teams compete with anticipated success.

  • Good day Kenny,


    I am bit tied up with commissioning on site at present but in a couple of months would be happy to help with you initiative, in presenting or running educational workshops in setting up wifi etc.


    Travel to Kilmarnock would be fine as well.


    Thank you




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  • There is also an initiative at the Science Centre where thousands of Glasgow primary and secondary pupils are being given the opportunity to take part in free interactive workshops and get hands on with exhibits at the Science Centre over the next few months to help encourage and develop a love of all things STEM. 

    Glasgow Science Centre

  • Please see list of speakers who can speak world--wide with Zoom, etc. Speakers.pdf