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Night Time Operational Solar Panels. Wow!

  • Nice idea, but at 50mW/m², I would need something like 1000m² of panels just to cover my base load overnight.

    I will stick with my existing panels and battery, which will power my house all night at this time of year.

  • But.....................................from little acorns mighty oaks do grow.


  • Domestic RidgeBlades have taken my interest. Wind based generators for the ridge of the house roof generating energy whenever there is wind.

    If anyone know eher I can find more about these in the UK then pleas let me know.

  • Well according to companies house this outfit in Yorkshire have been trying to sell the ridge turbine  idea over here since 2009.

    Its not a big company.. Seems to have no HQ or factory, and accounts so small they qualify for exemption.  No website, datasheets or online sales at all as far as I can see, just pics of a few demos sites and a patent.
    Rather more of it in Canada,

    but still not exactly heavy on technical detail, like curves of how much power vs wind speed per unit length or output voltage or how cost compares per KW with solar or anything useful. You could try

    let us know how you get on if you do.


  • well you will never do better than converting 100% of the available energy landing as irradiation to electricity - so no more than a factor of 3 to 5 from where we are now, and realistically, probably half of that. Storing daytime energy makes more sense.


  • Thanks,

    I have sent them an email. Now to see if they reply.

    I already have solar panels and a battery and am looking to diversify with wind power.

  • These are very good. It is best to site any wind turbines on a pole away from the house as they can create nose or vibrations. If strong winds are anticipated guy ropes will be needed as well .

    Rutland FM910-4 Furlmatic Windcharger - Marlec


  • I live in an urban district and have to think about my neighbours who have children. I agree with siting standard wind turbines away from the roof but I am concerned about the safety in our environment. Hence I am attracted by the RidgeBlades. These are said to not be noisy and not create vibrations. They are NOT traditional wind turbines.

  • The interesting question is how good are then at converting moving air into power - there is a clear upper limit based on the mass and velocity - a cubic metre of air is about 1kg, and if you have a 1m2 collector (and that fan is more like half that) then when the wind is at so many metres per second, then that many cubic metres ,each with a kinetic energy of 1/2 m.v2 is the maximum that can be intercepted, and there fore the maximum available energy - but of course that would bring the air to a dead stop, which it cannot, so it is always a modest fraction of this upper bound. However it is a quick check which allows the wilder claims to be thrown out.

    (more detail on that explanation here)

    I'd expect the roof ridge ones to be more like a screw thread Darrius turbine on its side - if it isn't they have probably missed a trick.