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Average Waiting Time for CEng PRI in 2022

Hello All,

I submitted my CEng application at the end of last year and I was informed that my application had undergone peer review in March 2022 via email. It has been the 31st week since the date of my submission but IET says that applicants usually spend 20-22 weeks to complete the whole process of CEng application.

Does anyone know what is the average waiting time for Professional Review Interview (PRI) for CEng application? Thank you.

Also, in recent, I sent an email to Professional Registration Team to ask them about the progress but still there is no any reply to me. Disappointed



  • Hi Gary  or one of her team may be able to assist with your query. Slight smile

  • Hi Gary,

    Whilst the overall processing time is approximately 20-22 weeks, the time between each stage can vary due to a number of factors.

    Apologies that you haven't received a response regarding when your Professional Review Interview will be. Please could you send me an email to rssu@theiet.org so I can confirm your details and ensure an update is provided to you.

    Many thanks


  • Good day ,

    A mentee of mine submitted an application for IEng last year; end September 2021. The PRI was held last week; mid August 2022 with notification of the latter being received about a month earlier. That's approximately eleven months from date of application submission.

    Your should contact rssu@theiet.org for a status of your application.

    Yours respectfully,

    Ryan Collins

  • Hello  

    Thank you so much for your information.

    According to the reference of your mentee, I believe I can have the PRI may be within 2 months.

    Many thanks


  • I submitted my application in September last year and attended the PRI this month. Don't worry. The IET staff will help you.

  • Hi Gary, see your name are you also based in Hong Kong? I made my application in this Jan and received email saying that I passed my document review and started to arrange PRI in early Mar. I just had my PRI last week and waiting for the result now. It may take some time to arrange the interview, while please don't hesitate to send an email to IET if you have any enquiry. I sent email several times to ask about my PRI arrangement progress, the staff are nice to help with prompt response. Good luck!

  • Hello Meiqi,

    Yes. I think you are also in Hong Kong, right? I received a call a few days ago from Local IET that IET-UK has arranged PRI and invited me to attend by Zoom this month. I hope anything is all right and getting success from the interview.

    Anyway, thank you for your information. I hope you have a good result of PRI later.

    Have a good day!

  • Hi Meiqi,

    May I know that did you receive the result after interview. Since that I have attended the interview in August too. However, I haven’t received any news up to this moment. Looking forward to hearing your reply soon. Many thanks!

  • Hi Ho Yin, I already received my result via email on Sep 14 and my interview date was Aug 24, so exactly 3 weeks. You may send an email to ask if you are worried. Good luck!