Should an electrician have an Apple or an Android mobile device.

Should an electrician have an Apple or Android mobile device for all the apps they are now expected to use, such as those for EVSE?

Does it make any difference and do equipment manufacturers show any preference?

  • Lisa, 

    Android runs on many more models of phones than the Samsung. Do you have the figures for the operating system rather than just the phone model? 



  • Hi  

    As a percentage it's 53% of users visiting us on a mobile phone use an Apple device and 47% 'other' which will include android and windows phones too. My knowledge doesn't stretch to exactly which phones use which operating systems so I'm unable to break that down any further for you. 

    Currently 40% of overall visitors to the community are viewing on a mobile device (37% on a phone and 3% on a tablet) and 60% view on a desktop device (which will include laptops as well as a standard desktop PC)

    Also bear in mind that cookie policy does skew these figures too as if someone has declined analytical cookies, we're not able to gather any info.

    As I see the 'back office' side of what these cookies do, I usually encourage my friends to accept analytical cookies on sites they visit but decline the advertising ones as the analytical cookies are very helpful when it comes to running an online community or a website. Slight smile

  • Just found the additional info in GA Wink. Also includes tablets running those operating systems too

    iOS - 57% 

    Android - 42.5%

    Windows and BlackBerry operating systems together make up 0.05% 

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  • I confess that I am a “functional cookies only” person; I take the view that I provide information about myself and my actions only if it’s an advantage to me.  I do appreciate the information may be useful to you in monitoring what is going on.

    I use an Android phone and Windows 10 laptop and also have an Apple iPad mini.  The iPad I only use when I need something more portable than the laptop but with a larger screen than my phone.  I have always had the opinion the Apple products were priced at a premium and not necessarily related to cost or worth, and relied heavily on kudos value.  Not essentially wrong but as boring engineer, not something I regarded highly.  In recent years market forces have brought more equality into play and the price difference is less obvious.

    In my circle of colleagues those predominantly in the media are Apple users, where it is virtually de rigueur.   Among my engineering colleagues the Apple users are usually involved in publications or editing videos, the remainder, by far the majority, are Android users.

  • Among my engineering colleagues the Apple users are usually involved in publications or editing videos,

    Funny you should say that David... in my spare time (when I get any!) I'm a photographer, videographer, drone pilot, content creator, website designer etc etc Wink