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Should an electrician have an Apple or an Android mobile device.

Should an electrician have an Apple or Android mobile device for all the apps they are now expected to use, such as those for EVSE?

Does it make any difference and do equipment manufacturers show any preference?

  • Hi  

    Well, from my own personal point of view I'd always opt for an Apple device Blush

    Going from the back office reporting figures for EngX visitors, the most used mobile device for viewing the forums etc is the Apple iPhone followed by an Apple iPad. The next device on the list is usually a Samsung (i.e android operating system) but the device usage numbers drop dramatically once you get past the Apple ones. 

    For example in our monthly reports I can see that there are 14,821 people who have visited EngX on their Apple iphone compared with just 403 on their Samsung Galaxy S21. Even if I sum all of the different Samsung models it comes to just over 1000 which still doesn't compare with 14,821 users viewing on an Apple iphone. These are unique users by the way and not 'visits'.

    However, this is just going by what we see in the behind the scenes reporting for our online community and may not reflect usage elsewhere for other websites etc

    I think it also depends on the app software developers though as some will consider Apple first as they hold the market share. Apps can also behave differently depending on which device they're made for. A colleague has an android and their version of the Facebook app is laid out differently to mine on my iPhone. So when I tell them that they'll find a feature in the app in a certain place, that's not always correct! 

    I think most manufacturers will provide apps for both operating systems nowadays though so it all comes down to the cost of the phone itself and what else you want your phone to do for you. As I say, I'm an Apple consumer because I like the way they do things and it suits my personal needs. 

    It would be interesting to see how many of us use which though so I've popped a quick poll in here: 

  • I have difficulty with Apple touch-screens, but most androids no problem at all. Not sure why that is.

    Second, and perhaps main, reason I choose Android is ease of integration with Windows laptop (which I have to use because some packages I use are only available on Windows).

  • I have been using a Samsung Android phone and an Apple cellular Ipad, so should have the best of both worlds.

    However, when it comes to setting up EV chargers some of them still need the installer to take the cover off and plug a laptop in using an USB lead and a browser to access the settings.

    This coming Friday I am attending an EV charger manufacturers' training at their training centre in their head office, so I am planning to sound their trainers out to see if they recommend one or the other.

  • Hi Lisa, your preamble to the poll seems to want to find out how many of us use which platform, but the poll asks what we prefer. These are two different things Grin

    Agree though, most products I have seen are supported on both platforms 

  • It seems all our tech is becoming obsolete, ITV are “upgrading” the ITV Hub and we won’t be able to get ITV programs on Catch Up after the end of this month, September 2022, on our Samsung TV .

  • Lisa, 

    Android runs on many more models of phones than the Samsung. Do you have the figures for the operating system rather than just the phone model? 



  • Hi  

    As a percentage it's 53% of users visiting us on a mobile phone use an Apple device and 47% 'other' which will include android and windows phones too. My knowledge doesn't stretch to exactly which phones use which operating systems so I'm unable to break that down any further for you. 

    Currently 40% of overall visitors to the community are viewing on a mobile device (37% on a phone and 3% on a tablet) and 60% view on a desktop device (which will include laptops as well as a standard desktop PC)

    Also bear in mind that cookie policy does skew these figures too as if someone has declined analytical cookies, we're not able to gather any info.

    As I see the 'back office' side of what these cookies do, I usually encourage my friends to accept analytical cookies on sites they visit but decline the advertising ones as the analytical cookies are very helpful when it comes to running an online community or a website. Slight smile

  • Just found the additional info in GA Wink. Also includes tablets running those operating systems too

    iOS - 57% 

    Android - 42.5%

    Windows and BlackBerry operating systems together make up 0.05% 

  • Blackberry!

    That's a blast from the past, I thought I was the bees' knees when I got a Blackberry.

  • It seems all our tech is becoming obsolete, ITV are “upgrading” the ITV Hub and we won’t be able to get ITV programs on Catch Up after the end of this month, September 2022, on our Samsung TV .

    Wondering if  from the IET Media Network has any intel on this?