Free Electricity.

Could the PRINCIPLE used here be utilised to generate free electricity in certain cases?


  • You could in theory use the output of the hydraulic ram to generate electricity, but you would likely do far better just using the original stream flow for the same purpose - far less inefficient.

    Given a large flow of water they are a useful means of making a small amount of water flow uphill - they were quite popular in some upland rural areas, and even today you can come across odd places in the Dales where there's a small brick construction in a stream making a regular ker-chunk noise, pumping water up to a farmhouse.

        - Andy.

  • The source in the video had a very slow flow rate and the water level was low. The upper container could be filled slowly and then used as needed to run a hydro turbine generator. If there was a fast flowing stream nearby then that would be used as a source.


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