• I'm not sure that insisting on bringing a CPC to places where one is not required is always the best approach. I guess this can be used to verify RCD operation by introducing a fault to order whenever  the light is switched on, or maybe the other end is not earth at all but is some cunning way of feeding power in a daisy chain to another location.

    by a very small margin, I'd  prefer to see that CPC cut back.

    (really it should end neatly in a choc bloc single, or a wago or go under the head of one of the back box  mounting screws. Flapping free  sleeved but folded to a hairpin so the sleeving stays on also works if done well.)


  • I favour 3 core cable with the grey sleeved with the g/y sleeving to give anyone looking to think about it.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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