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Standards relevant to the development and supply of smart meters.

What standards apply to the development of smart meters? If there are any, are there different ones for the backend (data collection) systems, metering and in-home displays?

I am asking as I am concerned with the quality of the software in the one I have in my house. Specifically:

  1. It sometimes "forgets" that I have a gas meter - the IHD will, for an unspecified period, only show electricity-related parameters and settings.
  2. The kWh reading for electricity sometimes "goes backwards" when it updates the display. The reading is updated every 10 seconds, but the display will sometimes show something like 12.3 ... 12.2 ... 12.4 when it updates (all numbers shown over a period of less than a second).
  3. I often have the IHD set to display kWh used rather than cost, as I find kWh more useful. However, the display has now stopped updating the electricity used value (i.e., it is frozen), and will only update if I switch to cost and then back to kWh.

I am hoping that the quality of the software within the metering and backend is better (and, ideally, subject to regulation), and that the IHD is being treated as non-critical "consumer kit".

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