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Standards relevant to the development and supply of smart meters.

What standards apply to the development of smart meters? If there are any, are there different ones for the backend (data collection) systems, metering and in-home displays?

I am asking as I am concerned with the quality of the software in the one I have in my house. Specifically:

  1. It sometimes "forgets" that I have a gas meter - the IHD will, for an unspecified period, only show electricity-related parameters and settings.
  2. The kWh reading for electricity sometimes "goes backwards" when it updates the display. The reading is updated every 10 seconds, but the display will sometimes show something like 12.3 ... 12.2 ... 12.4 when it updates (all numbers shown over a period of less than a second).
  3. I often have the IHD set to display kWh used rather than cost, as I find kWh more useful. However, the display has now stopped updating the electricity used value (i.e., it is frozen), and will only update if I switch to cost and then back to kWh.

I am hoping that the quality of the software within the metering and backend is better (and, ideally, subject to regulation), and that the IHD is being treated as non-critical "consumer kit".

  • The IHD is only a toy to keep the customer amused.  It plays no part in the billing process.  If it ever goes wrong, then many electricity suppliers will deny any responsibility after the initial 12 month warranty.

  • Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

    However, it also appears as if the metering side is not correct, as my account with the supplier shows that there are no electricity readings as of the 17th September, even though the gas (which is relayed through the electricity meter) is working just fine.

    It has been nothing but a pain since it was installed - this is at least the third time I have had to report that it is not working and submit my own readings. At least the manual readings should be correct...

  • My IHD sometimes behaves oddly too - once reporting that may usage for that day had topped several tens of thousands of pounds! I did check and the corresponding error wasn't reflected on either the meter proper or the subsequent bill. I just put it down to a lack of (or insufficiently robust) error detection/correction for data passing over the wireless link between the meter and IHD. Usually turning the IHD off and on again restores normal operation.

    My smart meter also dropped off the radar with my supplier for a time - as far as I could gather it was some problem with their own back office system rather than anything to do with the meter itself or its communication with the rest of the world. Leastways it seemed to be corrected by customer services sending an e-mail to another department, rather than anything having to be fixed at my end.

       - Andy.

  • I am steadfastly refusing to have a smart meter fitted. I am fed up of the endless guff from EON stating that I must have one by law or safety. I pay a 'service charge', so I demand the service I am being billed for, namely, the delivery of my bill by post, and the reading of my meter manually. If they don't wish to do this, they should drop the level of the 'service charge' to reflect the reduced level of 'service' being delivered.

  • My IHD has been faulty for months and the supplier says they will replace it when they have stock! It was never good, but as I know how much I am paying until April it is really of little use. The fact they have no spares probably indicates that they are hopelessly unreliable, not a good sign that the smart meter is any good either! Occasionally I actually measure my usage with proper meters, interestingly I think the smart meter over-reads low consumption a bit and under-reads high, but it is not of much actual consequence to me. Interestily too I had to have one to get a fixed price deal tariff, I bet they wish they had never offered me that!

  • Lack of spares is more likely to be down to not being able to get the silicon to make new units. I've was trying to install a "smart heating" system for my parents - ordered parts in April 2022, told delivery would not be before April 2023!

  • I suspect they will be more likely it increase the service charge for those who don't comply!

    Resistance is futile... You will be assimilated...

  • My IHD (Ovo) had an odd fault.  It started talking Welsh!  This is something it "occasionally" does apparently.   I eventually found instructions to change the language, but following a settings menu in Welsh was not easy.


  • There are some standards on the Government web site

  • Thanks, I've have a look...