Three Phase Motor Power Cable Voltage Rating

Power Supply - 3 Phase 400V

As per BS 7671, is it acceptable to use 4 cores (Br Bl Gy & Yellow) 300/500V cable be used for 3-phase motors?

What is the recommended voltage rating of power cables for three-phase motors?

Thanking you in advance.

  • Nobody else has mentioned the use of the green & yellow core as a phase conductor.

    I hadn't seen that suggestion - I thought the OP was suggesting Brown/Black/Grey for the lines, and (Green/)Yellow for PE - balanced loads like motors often don't need a N.

    Re-using a G/Y core in a multicore cable as a live conductor isn't actually prohibited these days (likewise using a "line" coloured core as PE - which carries the same risks, if at the opposite end) - usually the problem is consequential the lack of a c.p.c. which is usually mandatory even when supplying double insulated equipment. For SWA however the armour could be used.

        - Andy.

  • Oops.  I misread the original post!  I read it as brown, blue and green+yellow.

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