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Over current known current

I have a hot cupboard fed via a 13A socket. 2.9Kw load. The unit is plugged in and unplugged 2 times a day and the constant use is waring out contacts and pin covers.

I am looking to use a 16A comando socket. The circuit is 16A rcbo protected. And the cable supplying hot cupboard is rated at 16A. As the cupboard is unable to over current and the flex is good for fault current can I omit the 13A which was in the 13A plug supply?

  • What does the hot cupboard manufacturer have to say? I'd go there first before making any alterations.

    2.9KW on a plug top is bad design but if the manufacturer oks it then.............

  • Thanks yes the fact I am replacing plugs and socket regularly proves the bad design. I will check with the manufacturer. But I am also questioning whether this hot cupboard will need over current as it is a fixed load, as a lamp is a fixed load and can be fed vial a reduced csa on a larger breaker 

  • In my view, a 16 amp socket on a 16 amp MCB will be fine. I would not be keen on any grossly oversized OCPD, but a 16 amp MCB instead of a 13 amp fuse should be fine.

    How would you feel about use of the hot cupboard in Europe, on an unfused plug inserted into a socket outlet on a 16 amp circuit. This is the norm in many places.

  • If  it is CE marked it would/ should have been tested as OK with up to  C type 16A breaker feeding it, as that is the standard upper bound for Schuko sockets (Germany, Spain Austria), so if the UK supplier is a bit vague, than may save you time.