Anybody installed ICS vehicle charger?

I'm faced with the prospect of installing 2x22kW ICSWT22C EV chargers.
These are being promoted by CEF. I've downloaded the 400v installation instructions and had a look at a 230V version in local branch.
The manufacturers state built in current detection AC 30mA DC 6mA which would suggest a type A RCD, also goes onto say no earth rod required on TN-C-S system which would suggest O-PEN protection. There's only electronics on the pcb and no sign of a BS61008 or other type of RCD.
When I asked what BS EN number the RCD complied with re. reg. 722.531.3.101 I didn't get a comprehensive answer which would suggest that there is no RCD to 722.531.3.101 and I should fit some sort of RCD upstream.
The installation instructions also mention that these units comply with BS 7671 18th edtn. AMD 1 and that an upstream 30mA RCD need only be fitted when connecting to the main supply via a flexible cable.
So anybody out there with any experience of these units?

  • We have installed the 7kw single phase versions with a type A RCBO upstream.

  • So the word on the street is either fit an RCD upstream or cover your back by adding a note to your EIC that you are fitting these units as per manufacturers installation instructions which includes the wording 18th edition compliant ( even though the units don't!)
    Think I'll be fitting an RCD or RCBO upstream.

    By the way the word is from 4 NICEIC engineers

  • A contractor recently approved by MyEnergi for installing the Zappi told me that the company are requiring approved installers to fit a separate RCD upstream even though the Zappi has a type A equivalent built in to the PCB. Looks like a similar reason to the ICS in terms of the standard to which the RCD complies. 
    Good to know that you are aware of such things as EV chargers are being stuck in by all and sundry with absolutely no concern about compliance, loss of PEN, earthing arrangements, bonding, load increase, RCD or anything else. 

  • EV charging seems to be a complete clusterf..k at the moment

    Just read that Easee charger sales have been banned in Sweden for not complying with EU standards

    The ICS with it's electronic  RCD functionality dosn't comply with BS7671...fine but the manufacturers are insisting and stating that they DO comply with 7671.
    We know they don't. An RCD upstream will solve that particular problem and they should be pointing that out to customers.

    Talking to them and the resident EV charging expert at CEF who are promoting these units ( there's one at every branch ) is like talking to a brick wall. Shouldn't be up to a designer and installer, which is me, to point this out.

    As for future BS for the O-PEN part of the electronics what if some of this equipment doesn't comply?

    Could be interesting. Watch this space.

  • Hi Grahamro,

    sorry to drag up old stuff but...

    now the new COP for EV is out, and Section 2, chapter 2.4.4 pg 18 uses the word 'explicitly' when referring to the need for a type A or F RCD at the DB, (leaving the internal charger RCD to do the DC protection), will this help clear up SOME of what you described 6 months ago as the clusterf..k ??

    I am having to deal with 8 charging points in a MSCP at a Hospital that the installers are insisting that the internal RCD is all the additional protection needed.

  • So I've now lost 2 jobs because of this issuue.
    The 1st one from 6 months ago which I've walked past several times to get to another customers job.!!
    The 2nd when I mentioned the RCD issue and was simply told ' we'll get somebody else then'.
    I'm losing work, granted it's not my core business but I'm losing it all the same.