Anybody installed ICS vehicle charger?

I'm faced with the prospect of installing 2x22kW ICSWT22C EV chargers.
These are being promoted by CEF. I've downloaded the 400v installation instructions and had a look at a 230V version in local branch.
The manufacturers state built in current detection AC 30mA DC 6mA which would suggest a type A RCD, also goes onto say no earth rod required on TN-C-S system which would suggest O-PEN protection. There's only electronics on the pcb and no sign of a BS61008 or other type of RCD.
When I asked what BS EN number the RCD complied with re. reg. 722.531.3.101 I didn't get a comprehensive answer which would suggest that there is no RCD to 722.531.3.101 and I should fit some sort of RCD upstream.
The installation instructions also mention that these units comply with BS 7671 18th edtn. AMD 1 and that an upstream 30mA RCD need only be fitted when connecting to the main supply via a flexible cable.
So anybody out there with any experience of these units?

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