How are hand wires in toilets wired up?

So how are hand dryers usually wired in a radial circuit?

Is the supply cable from consumer board connected to supply side of a FCU and then the load side connected to wago connectors (L and N have their own connectors). Then hand dryer connected to the wago connectors. Then a second FCU is connected to the wago connector and the load side of second FCU  connected to the Hand dryer.


  • I'm not sure where the wagos(or choc blocks) fit in - typically a flex outlet FCU is used with the flex connected to the outgoing FCU terminals - the supply circuit then loops through the incoming terminals of each FCU.

    I you wanted the FCU out of reach, then hard-wire to a flex outlet plate and take the flex from there - but they mostly come with their own terminals built-in too (perhaps cheaper ones don't so you might have to provide your own terminals then).

       - Andy.

  • So kind of like this? The incoming supply is looped in.

    Earthing isn't shown.

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  • That is fine for multiple dryers ( which isn't clear in your first post ) so long as the supply cable and circuit breaker are large enough to feed 2 dryers. You may have a little leaway if the dryers are not used too much at the same time.