How are hand wires in toilets wired up?

So how are hand dryers usually wired in a radial circuit?

Is the supply cable from consumer board connected to supply side of a FCU and then the load side connected to wago connectors (L and N have their own connectors). Then hand dryer connected to the wago connectors. Then a second FCU is connected to the wago connector and the load side of second FCU  connected to the Hand dryer.


  • I think you are complicating matters. One FCU, outgoing cable then supplies the hand dryer. If there is a hard wired cable on the hand dryer, then connect to that inside the hand dryer to make future maintenance simple.

  • If the radial only supplys one dryer, then you can set the breaker low enough that you do not need the FCU, though some sort of switch is a very good idea, often  high up near ceiling in buildings like pubs where interference is likely.

    If you have a 20 or 32 A circut supplying a no of dryers then each one would normally have its own FCU,

    Wire between dryer and first fixed item is flex. Joint may be Wago  or chock blocks.

    No need for 2 Fuses.. At most the 2nd box near the unit  is used as a junction between flex and fixed wiring.


  • I am not trying to be rude but get somebody competent to do it.


  • One approach I have seen is to wire the dryer to a 13A plug and socket.  I guess that makes PAT testing the dryer a lot easier.

  • and worries folk who do not like plugs and sockets near places where folk have wet hands... I suppose you could have the plug and socket near the ceiling and a long flex running up the tiles in some stick on trunking, I'd consider that a bit of a hack, and my standards are not the highest.


  • That was quite rude Gary! I'll give you that it was a bit of a scary question but if you don't ask you don't learn.

    I shudder to think of the brainless enquiries I've made over the years.

  • As i said i don't want to sound rude but the OP sounds confused to say the least. Better to learn from someone that knows what they are doing. I  personally pick things up far easier when watching someone rather than being told although i appreciate we aren't all the same.


  • I'm not sure where the wagos(or choc blocks) fit in - typically a flex outlet FCU is used with the flex connected to the outgoing FCU terminals - the supply circuit then loops through the incoming terminals of each FCU.

    I you wanted the FCU out of reach, then hard-wire to a flex outlet plate and take the flex from there - but they mostly come with their own terminals built-in too (perhaps cheaper ones don't so you might have to provide your own terminals then).

       - Andy.

  • And don’t forget the RCD! We had a young female student electrocuted in McDonalds Belfast several years ago due to a vandalised hand dryer. Following the incident McDonalds fitted RCDs to all their hand dryers through out the U.K.

  • Is it any different to having plugs and sockets in kitchens?