How are hand wires in toilets wired up?

So how are hand dryers usually wired in a radial circuit?

Is the supply cable from consumer board connected to supply side of a FCU and then the load side connected to wago connectors (L and N have their own connectors). Then hand dryer connected to the wago connectors. Then a second FCU is connected to the wago connector and the load side of second FCU  connected to the Hand dryer.


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  • The sparks was in today and no, the courts in which I sit do not have RCD protection on the hand-drier circuits, so that answers Andy's point. :-)

    He told me that he was changing a florrie in another court building once. He had poked his head above the false ceiling and unplugged the lamp fitting at which point he got a belt off the plug. It turned out that somebody had "borrowed" a neutral from the lamp fitting.

    My conclusion is that it may be safest to use paper towels from now on.

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