DP RCD for Solar PV?

We are currently installing solar pv systems, and have had a third party at one of our installs carrying out an EICR. They have flagged a C2 for the RCBO we have used only being single pole.
In section 712 of BS7671 ‘Special Locations – Solar PV’ we cannot see a regulation that states that a double pole RCD is required. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Thanks Andy, I'm aware of 551.7.1, although Part 7, Section 712 does not refer back to 551.7.1. The advice from NICEIC was to use Section 712 as this is specifically for Solar PV. Just looking for other opinions on this.

  • Section 712 does not refer back to 551.7.1.

    You can't read any part 7 section on it's own - as the introduction (section 700) says, the sections 'supplement or modify the general requirements'.  If a part 7 section doesn't say something on a particular subject then the main parts of the regs apply directly. There is no 712.551.7.1 so 551.7.1 applies unchanged.

    At least that's my take on it!

       - Andy.

  • The regulation NICEIC have directed me to is 712.531.3.5.1.The only reference within this is to 531.3.3 for types of RCD. Although i do understand where your coming from, I have had the same advice from two separate NICEIC technical advisors " 551.7.1 is not applicable in this instance". I don't think there is a black and white answer to this.