Electrical Safety for Small craft On-Board Guide

I've just purchased this guide.
I'm a little miffed that there doesn't seem to be any mention of a TT earthing system for shore supplies.
I quote " For a large percentage of UK small craft that have a permanent berth, especially those in marina locations, the majority of such berths will be serviced by a TN-S 230v AC single-phase shore supply."
Any marina or boatyard shore connection I've seen has always been on a TT system.
Explain away..

  • wrong what else have they got wrong?

    I had quite a few comments at the DPC stage - like I said, I've not seen the final version, but in places the DPC read like it was based the 14th Ed of the Wiring Regs but has been drifting off at a tangent ever since. Maybe not wrong as such, but perhaps a long way behind current standards to my way of thinking.

       - Andy.

  • So I repeat.
    Who do I get in touch with to air my grievances.
    I've just paid £30 for a guide which has a glaring error, maybe more, I stopped reading it when TN-S raised it's ugly head and I do appreciate that the majority of incoming supplies are likely to be TNC-S.
    I would have expected better from the IET, there are some serious safety issues when electricity meets water.

  • So I repeat.
    Who do I get in touch with to air my grievances.


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