Solar generation meter not working - who can replace it?

I am a domestic and light commercial electrician, semi- retired just doing odd days on my own supporting the local (rural) community.

An elderly lady has been told by her supplier that her solar export meter (installed some years ago out of warranty) has  failed and requires replacement.

I haven't even been to look at it because I am not  registered for solar. However , I've tried to help find a local firm that won't rip her off. The local guy who is registered is too busy, but advised me as its a simple swap I can do this and send the information regards the new meter to (presumably) the DNO.

Is this right? 

Where would I start? I don't want to fit a meter and then find I'm stuck in an endless paper chase trying to get the new meter registered against the export MPAN, while this lady cannot get paid for her generation, but neither do I want someone from miles away to roll up and charge her a fortune for un-needed work. 

Incidentslly, I recently had solar installed  by a national supplier and it took me hundreds of hours sending emails and on the phone to get  my export MPAN registered ( took 9 months to get paid for generation because they failed to do the notification properly). I don't want to dive down the same rabbit hole again. Advice please.

 Dave T

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  • The only failures I have seen in generation meters is the display,it's more likely to be inverter or isolator(s) mcb,rcbo or rcd related 

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