Good afternoon All

I have updated my standard specification for the inspection and testing of dwellings. I have made a few technical changes and additions. In addition I have changed the font and format to make it more accessible for people with reading disabilities.

It is intended for clients to specify what their requirements are for an inspection and testing of a dwelling. In addition it is intended for qualified and competent electrical contractors to specify how they will carry out an inspection and test of a dwelling.

If you want a free copy email me on info(the symbol for @)


  • Thanks for sharing your specification. 

  • AMK

    No problem please pass it on to your network as I would like spread far and wide as an antidote to drive by scammers.


  • Thanks for sharing this John.

    it appears to be a good minimum specification for eicr.

    as a QS for a housing association ,i would like to propose this to our association as a minimum standard for our own electrical inspectors and for our contractors that complete eicr’s on our behalf.

    i would just like to check that your are happy for this to happen before i present the proposal?

  • I would like a copy. Sent an email. Appreciate it

  • Adam  

    I have not received an email from you. I received a PM and yes feel free to use it as a specification for your organisation that is one of the uses.

    I think I have sent it out to everyone who has requested it but if not email me and I will send it to you.

    If you have any feedback please let me know?


  • Newfutile

    Feel free to use it for your association.


  • For those asking me for a copy. Email me on info(the symbol for at)


  • If you have been trying to contact me using my company email address it is not working at the moment as I am moving to another provider due to the failure of my current provider. You can contact me via LinkedIn using my personal profile. Do not use the page with my company details as this has been pirated by a scammer which has been reported to LinkedIn.



  • Sorry to hear that, John.

  • Thanks Chris.

    I now have a new provider for my website and hopefully it will be up and running in a few days. He is directing emails to my business email address to my personal email while he clears up the mess from my previous provider. So if you want the specification email me on info(the symbol for at) and I should get it.

    Apologies to anyone who requested the specification and did not get it. Let me know again and I will send it to you.