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The Switzerland Local Network is led by local volunteers who come together to organise lectures and technical visits that provide opportunities to learn and meet new people. All events are open to the public and most are free of charge.

The Local Network aims to raise awareness of science, engineering and technology in the local area, and promote membership of the IET.

Visit the events page filtered by Switzerland Local Network to find out about our upcoming events.

Upcoming / Planned Events:

  • 16 Sept 2023 - Einstein, Explore Bern + Surprise.  Register now:
  • 11 Nov 2023 - CERN Visit - Please contact Jeff for more information.  For this all day event, remember to take your passport and we cross the Switzerland / France border several times ! Please see below for further Infos.
    Register now: 
  • xx Dec 2023 - AGM - Please contact Jeff for more information.

Past Events from 2023:

  • 12 Aug 2023 FLYER “Taster tour” at FLYER AG. What a great day we all had !

CERN Special Requirements:
At the time of registration, please provide:
" (last name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, country of birth and nationality)"

Key Information (requirements) can be found here:

QR Code Links for quick registrations:

16 Sept 2023 - Einstein, Explore Bern + Surprise.

11 Nov 2023 - CERN Event.

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For any questions:

Chair: IET Switzerland

Secretary: IET Switzerland 

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