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“Nuclear” is undergoing a significant renaissance within the UK. There is talk of new reactors, SMR technology, Nuclear Fusion is being explored and is on the (distant) horizon, GB Nuclear has been formed and, suddenly, Nuclear Power is a clean energy and is a potential saviour from climate change, rather than the pariah it was not that many years ago.

Timely then that the IET Technical Network (TN) for Nuclear has recently been re-invigorated and re-launched. The TN Committee, ably supported by IET staff, is comprised of experienced nuclear engineers, scientists from a wide range of organisations in the broad nuclear industry. Our purpose is to be a cross-industry working group supporting the IET and its members, providing a range of member-focused services, such as;

  1. Advocate for the nuclear industry within the UK technical community
  2. Encourage sharing of information between nuclear licensees
  3. Advise the IET on key events within the nuclear industry
  4. Support IET Members working within the nuclear industry with cross-industry events thereby supporting Continuous Professional Development.
  5. Engage and inspire future generations of engineers and technicians to work in the nuclear sector.

We welcome interest, from anyone with an interest and a passion for all things Nuclear, so feel free to get in touch and get involved. 

Our 2024 activities include an in-person Conference in October and a series of lunchtime webinars on a wide range of relevant topics. The first of the webinars will take place on 21st February, featuring two employees from Jacobs (Ben Gafner, Conor Pearson) whose role is to continually offer new ideas and new uses of Digital Technology, to enhance the performance / effectiveness of their own business and those of its customers. The  webinar has proven to be extremely and will be available after the session by video.

How the Use of Digital Technology can Transform your Business Effectiveness - online event.

21 February 2024 – 12.00-13.00hrs GMT View the recording

Visit the Nuclear TN home page for more information.

  • Thank you - this is a promising initiative and positive for the development of skills in the UK. I would like to keep informed on developments in Nuclear Industry.