Happy Monday EngX Community!

Today we’re launching a new type of discussion event on EngX -  Ask the Expert.

Ask the Expert is an event that takes place in our Ask the Expert forum over the course of a couple of weeks where you’ll be able to ask questions to an expert Engineer on a chosen subject.

This month’s topic launching today (Monday 13th November) is Net Zero with Erusa Adizie a Net Zero Manager working for Tarmac. Erusa will be answering your questions on how organisations such as Tarmac reach their Net Zero targets. If you have a question you’d like to pose to Erusa, pop over to Ask the Expert and post your question there.

Taking it off-Topic

We’ve had feedback from a number of EngX community members that you’ve been missing a place to have general ‘off topic’ discussions in the community. So we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to introduce a new forum in EngX for more general discussion topics.

Our new forum is only available if you’re logged into your EngX account though so make sure you log in to take part! Slight smile

We’d also like your help to name our new ‘General’ category so please leave your suggestions in the comments! Some of the suggestions we’ve already received are: Coffee Machine, Water Cooler, and simply, General Chat.

As we’ve introduced a new category in the forum, we’ve also taken the opportunity to update the Explore navigation menu where you’ll now find a single link to the discussion forums available on EngX.  

Are you in the EngX member directory?

If you’re looking to connect with other engineers on EngX then make sure you’re in the EngX member directory. To be listed in the directory, select ‘Include in EngX member directory’ in your settings

If you’re a member of the IET, you’ll also be able to filter the directory to find other IET members too!

Help us improve our online community!

We’re looking for community members to join our online EngX Focus Group to provide feedback and help us to provide an interesting and welcoming online community for engineers across the globe. Email the EngX team at  community-online@ietengx.org if you’d like to apply.

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