NHS error reduction

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  • OK, I give up.  Apart from being a TV programme, what's QI?

  • In this context we can guess 'Quality Indicator' or 'Quality Improvement'

    However I suspect the roadmap will not be a map of roads nor will the framework have any obvious frame-like characteristics - note the early warning with the misuse of "transition" as if it was a verb instead of a noun..

    For me, too much manglement language.  I shall skip this and wait for a plain English version, iff it is important someone will create a translation.


  • What if I told you there is a way to make healthcare better, cheaper, and more satisfying for everyone involved? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. It’s called Quality Improvement (QI), and it’s a proven method to reduce costs, waste and variation, and increase patient and staff satisfaction and engagement. QI is not a one-time fix, but a continuous process of learning and improvement that can transform healthcare for the better. QI is not a secret, but a science that anyone can learn and apply. QI is not a burden, but a benefit that can make healthcare more rewarding and enjoyable. QI is the magic formula for healthcare, and you can be part of it.

  • You appreciate clarity and conciseness in language, but you also enjoy the challenge and sophistication of technical jargon. You are also indicating that the text is not very relevant, and that you are not motivated to read it further. I respect your perspective, but I also believe that the text might have some merit, if you are willing to explore it deeper. Perhaps the text is attempting to communicate some complex and subtle ideas that necessitate a specific vocabulary and style. Perhaps the text is addressing a different audience than you, who might be more acquainted with the terms and concepts. Perhaps the text is not intended to be read in isolation, but as part of a larger context and discussion. I’m not claiming that the text is flawless, or that it cannot be enhanced. I’m just suggesting that maybe there is more to it than appears, and that maybe you could give it another opportunity. Maybe you could try to comprehend the purpose and the message of the text, and see if you can find something valuable or intriguing in it. Maybe you could also share your feedback and suggestions with the author, and help them improve their communication skills. Perhaps you could show some consideration for those who would like to engage in other topics that do not involve the movement of electrons.

  • Thank you for the translation - it is helpful. Pity it was not worded  that way in the original flyer.


  • Thank you for the translation - it is helpful. Pity it was not worded  that way in the original flyer.


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