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The IET Sussex Network organise a programme of events each year, all of which can be found under the Events tab on our web site. Our neighbouring Networks also organise events, as do other Professional Engineering Institutions (PEI) in our area. Just as most of our events are open to non-members, so many of the other PEI events are also open, although registration is usually required. You may be interested in some of the events held by other IET Networks and other PEIs, so here is a list of places you can go to find out what is going on in or near our patch.

The joint programme 'booklet' for the 2021/22 season can be found here.


Local Networks and Professional Engineering Institutions Events Programmes
British Computer Society, Hampshire Branch https://www.bcs.org/membership-and-registrations/member-communities/hampshire-branch/
British Computer Society, Kent Branch https://www.bcs.org/membership-and-registrations/member-communities/kent-branch/
British Computer Society, Sussex Branch https://www.bcs.org/membership-and-registrations/member-communities/sussex-branch/
Institution of Civil Engineers, South Branch https://www.ice.org.uk/events
IET Kent Network https://engx.theiet.org/local-networks/se1
IET Solent Network https://engx.theiet.org/local-networks/se3
IET Surrey Network https://engx.theiet.org/local-networks/se2
IMechE Sussex & Surrey http://nearyou.imeche.org/near-you/UK/South-Eastern/Sussex---Surrey-Area/events
IMechE Automotive Division Southern Centre http://nearyou.imeche.org/near-you/UK/South-Eastern/Southern-Automobile/events
Retired Chartered Engineers Association http://www.rceasussex.org.uk/

Last updated: 7th July 2023