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Welcome to IET Sussex!

We are the local network of the IET across East and West Sussex, organising events and seminars and promoting engineering in schools and businesses across the two counties. To get involved, you might like to come along to one of our events. We have a wide variety of lectures throughout the year either in Crawley or Falmer or online, all free of charge, and you don't need to be an IET member to attend. Visit the events page filtered by Sussex Local Network to find out about our upcoming events.

If you have any questions on the Sussex Network or are interested in volunteering for any of our activities then please contact our secretary at

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The full programme for the 2023/24 season can be found in this pdf file (last updated 5th April 2024). Click on the image to view it and download it.

Visit our YouTube channel to view recordings of 'live streamed' and live talks.

Read about the Schools Activities provided by your Local Network.

Find out about the Outstanding Contribution Award that is given by your Local Network.

View events from other Local Networks and Professional Institutions.

Meet our IET Sussex network community volunteers

Our events:

Visit the events page filtered by Sussex Local Network to find out about our upcoming events. 

PDF These are slides for the talk entitled "Building quantum computers for disruptive industry applications" given on Tuesday 16th January 2024 by Professor Winfried Hensinger. A recording of the talk can be found here

CPD certificate for  1923-2023 Southern Railway 100 on 5th March 2024 

  CPD certificate for Cobotics  on 19th March 2024

   CPD certificate for An astronomical learning curve on 16th April 2024


IET Sussex Network Community Volunteers:

Meet our volunteers. These are the people who organise technical talks and STEM events and run your local network.

It is a good opportunity for young engineers to gain 'soft skills' experience. So if you are interested in helping then do get in touch.

Dan Holme - Chairperson
Steve West - Deputy Chairperson
Kosidinna Umeigbo - Secretary
Shanir Patel - Treasurer
David James - Communications Coordinator
Mike Underhill - Events Chairperson
Dave Posner - Events Secretary
Supreeth Koushik - Young Professional Chairperson
Ramon Tumbos - Education Officer (East Sussex)
Gavin Barker - Education Officer (West Sussex)
Deshinder Gill Singh - Universities Liaison
Norman Wong - Hawth Theatre Liaison
Mark Cunningham - Social Media
Aijuan Wang - Committee Member
Greg Hobbs - Committee Member

Contact us: 

a view of the seven sisters shoreline in Sussex 

Just in case you wanted to see the whole photograph.