Over the coming months, the Plain Language Guide Editorial Board will be publishing a series of opinion pieces and hosting open online calls to discuss them. On 22nd March we will be holding an exclusive in-person event for senior executives to address the issues these articles cover.

Our second article was called 'How do we get to Building Safety? Making the case for Transparency and Integrity' and you can read it here.

A week later we held an open online call which was recorded - watch the video below.

We invited participants to give their comments on the following questions:

What do you think are the barriers to transparency and integrity in our industry?

What structural or behavioural mechanisms need to be in place to enable transparency and integrity in our industry?

(such as regulations/regulators, guidance, scrutiny, inquiries etc)

What relational or contextual mechanisms need to be in place to enable transparency and integrity in our industry?

(such as may create interactions between stakeholders, improve trust, reduce bias etc)

We then moved onto a Miro board to collect these thoughts and ideas about how change might be effected. A pdf of the board output can be downloaded from the link below.

What do you think? How do we get to building safety? Is enforcement enough? Is it possible? How do we change our culture? We'd be interested to hear your thoughts. 

Our next article, on sustainability issues, will be published tomorrow, here on the blog. Follow us and join our LinkedIn group to make sure you don't miss it.

The guide aims to help decision-makers in manufacturing identify:

  • Why structured data is important.
  • How to avoid poor investment decisions.
  • How to protect their future with a step by step process to set priorities and implement information management across the supply chain for their products.