Back in December 2023 the IET announced the results of the International Skills Survey.

Over 2,000 engineering employers in ten countries around the world were asked for their thoughts on their readiness to cope with climate change and net zero.

Over the course of this week, we’ll be looking at some of the points raised in the results of the survey through a series of blog posts in our Community Insights blog and a number of discussions in our forum.

How confident are you that the engineering workforce have the skills needed to be resilient to Climate Change. What skills do you think are needed? And what support should be given to industry and academia to plug the skills gap?

Share your thoughts and comments on the blog posts and get involved in the discussions.

And on Wednesday (31 January) members of the IET’s Policy team will be on hand to answer your questions in our Ask The Expert – Green Skills  discussion event. Post your questions for the team before Wednesday!


  • That is a good question and just one example of the many parts of life that AI is having an impact!  AI is permeating all aspects and levels of education; and institutions are formulating their approaches to its incorporation, so as to benefit from ideas generation, but avoid plagiarism and inaccuracies.  More widely there’s a shortage of Digital Skills in UK industry, as demonstrated in our recent survey.  These are skills in which schools need to develop interest from primary levels.

     The IET has been running skills surveys for many years and will be doing so in the future as it is important to track trends.  In 2022 the IET did extensive research into the education system and produced the Engineering Kids’ Futures report.  This included a series of recommendations to raise the profile of engagement in engineering and technology within schools, although not covering AI specifically. A good suggestion for future work!

  • Hi,

    Green Computing is a good topic, however, can IET initiate some surveys on the use of AI in teaching, learning and research please - at the levels of primary, high school and university levels?


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