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How can professional bodies work together to better understand EDI in professions across the UK?

Better understanding and improving equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) is complex. Organisations or individuals cannot do this alone. We live and work in communities and we’re going to need community approaches to better understand and improve ED&I.


Are you an IET member based in the UK? Do you have views about ED&I in our profession that you’d like to share?


The IET are members of the Chartered Bodies Collaborative which was formed in response to the economic challenges presented by the Covid pandemic, to help people get back into work and progress in their professions. As part of our ED&I work we have collectively commissioned new research to identify steps that can be taken to address barriers to progression across our professions in the UK.

We’re asking UK IET members working in the profession to get involved.

The survey will ask about your personal characteristics, as well as a series of questions to understand your views and experiences related to ED&I issues and initiatives.

To take the survey and read associated the privacy policy follow this link https://emea.focusvision.com/survey/selfserve/38e5/220900



The survey is being managed by The Young Foundation, an independent research agency, who has been commissioned to undertake this survey on behalf of The IET. They operate under the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct, which ensures that participants remain anonymous and information provided is strictly confidential. This survey processed by The Young Foundation, has been produced in such a way that IET members who complete the survey are completely anonymous, unless you choose to insert personal information in your survey form response that may render you identifiable, such as your name or contact details. Should you choose to do this, no personally identifiable data will be shared with the IET. Only anonymised research data is shared. Please read the dedicated survey privacy notice at the start of the form for more information and details of who to contact regarding your personal data rights for this survey.

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View from Washington: Twitter – a ‘Knives Out’ mystery

View from Washington: Twitter – a ‘Knives Out’ mystery

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